About Us

Unified auto-aftermarket For Fleet Managers and Sole Vehicle Owners.

Our Mission

To provide vehicle owners in Africa with a comprehensive digital platform that offers full control and seamless access to essential services throughout the lifetime of their vehicles, categorized into documentation, maintenance, replacements, and auto-addons.

Our Vision

To revolutionize Africa’s auto-aftermarket by building a market-network that simplifies and enhances vehicle ownership, offering end-to-end, sterling experiences through a robust and integrated digital ecosystem.

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Who We Are

Vehycles is building a market-network for Africa’s auto-aftermarket, creating a digital ecosystem that transforms how vehicle owners manage their vehicles' lifecycle needs. This platform provides full control and seamless access to essential services, from initial purchase to maintenance, replacements, and upgrades, ensuring a simplified and enhanced vehicle ownership experience.

The App

The platform categorizes services into four main areas: documentation (licenses, insurance, compliance tracking), maintenance (routine checks, repairs, service reminders), replacements (parts and components replacements), and auto-addons (upgrades, enhanced experience). By integrating these resources into one user-friendly platform, Vehycles empowers vehicle owners and fleet managers with the tools and information needed to manage their vehicles efficiently and effectively.

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Vehycles App available for Android and Iphone.


We Are Passionate

We have the relevant relationships and expertise to drive Vehycles.