A mobile application exclusively designed for managing vehicles. With Vehycles, you can control and manage all your essential vehicle affairs: Documentation, Maintenance & Replacements. Leveraging technology, we have collaborated with all the relevant authorities & auto-aftermarket stakeholders to provide a digitalized, app-based management of your vehicles.

You can make payments using your Debit cards (ATM Cards) or through USSD or OR. Bank transfer option is also available. Payment is handled securely & efficiently by PayStack.

NO, making payment on the Vehycles app is free without any charges.

You can add unlimited vehicles for free.

Upon request, you will get updates through the in-app chat feature, you can also discuss & finalize delivery.

1. Click the + or Add a vehicle on your dashboard.

2. Add the vehicle details and submit.

3. If any of your vehicle papers are expired, it will automatically be flagged & displayed. Click the Expired documents button to view and make payment.

Yes, You can renew your drivers license & other licenses and permits through the Vehycles app.

Your renewed vehicle papers will be delivered to your home or office, 24hrs after payment. For Drivers license, 48hrs (Weekdays, Monday - Friday)

No, there's a flat shipping fee of #1,000 to all areas of Lagos.

Documents are delivered to you alongside the new plates, 48hrs after payment.

Yes, you will get auto reminders through post notifications, emails & SMS.

Upon request, you will get an update within 5mins through the in-app chat & be connected to the nearest Vehycles respray partner. Vehicle respray takes 5-8 working days including Saturdays.

Sedan * Vehicle License: #3800 * Road Worthiness: #8500 * Insurance: #15000 SUV * Vehicle License: #4500 * Road Worthiness: #9500 * Insurance: #15000

Driver placement is within 2 to 5 working days.

You can send an email to support@vehycles.io or use the live chat support at the top right of your dashboard